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What makes a family? The Penguin Child and the Albatross Child is a charming and humorous fable about diversity and unconditional parental love.
When a music-hating dog comes to live with a family of musical moose, it takes some creative thinking to restore harmony.
A warm and funny book.
On a dreary November night, Victor Frankenstein realizes his dream of creating life. Little does he know that his dream will become his nightmare.
Mary Shelley's horror classic is faithfully retold in a bold new format—part picture book, part graphic novel—to bring chills to a new generation.
English lawyer Jonathan Harker journeys to Transylvania to visit his new client, Count Dracula. Thus begins the classic adventure of good versus evil, the inspiration for
all modern vampire stories.
Bram Stoker's original novel is adapted
and retold in a bold new format—part picture book, part graphic novel.
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The true story of Unk and Suzy, jungle-born gibbons who meet and raise a family in a zoo. It's a success story about an endangered species, a love story filled with suspense, sure to please adults and children alike.
Sharing your home with companion animals can be a rewarding experience for your family--if you do things right. The Osbornes' New Pets shows how it's done, and the book can be printed out for children to color.
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