Zoo Year
Zoo Year_Nature Book_Alice Schick_Joel Schick_Sara Ann Friedman
The cub got out of the pool quicky and resumed his exploration of the enclosure. Icebound inspected everything else but carefully avoided the water, as if not looking at the pool would make it disappear.

Lilly watched this performance for about five minutes; then she apparently decided she had had enough nonsense. She swam over to the edge of the pool and hoisted herself halfway out of the water, resting her weight on her front paws. She stretched her neck and, looking directly at Icebound, let out a loud roar. Resignedly, the cub trundled over to the pool and fell in with a gigantic splash.

For several seconds, all the floundering and splashing made it impossible to see what was going on. Visitors craned their necks; Jim and Bill prepared themselves for the worst. At last, though, Icebound found his "sea legs." When the splashing had subsided, everyone saw that he had settled into a competent, if awkward, dog paddle. It didn't take him long to discover that swimming was fun, and he was soon
turning somersaults in the water, trying to catch his own paws, and springing up to pounce on his mother.

Jim had a hard time tearing himself away. Leaving, he turned his head to survey the scene one last time. The three older bears were still sleeping, Icebound and Lilly were splashing in the pool, their human audience was laughing and applauding, and Bill Wallace was grinning proudly.
Zoo Year_Nature Book_Alice Schick_Joel Schick_Sara Ann Friedman
Zoo Year

192 pages, black & white
7" x 9", hardcover
reinforced binding

Autographed by
Alice Schick & Joel Schick
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